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10th March 2013

I have been coming to Beachcombers since it opened in 1998. Although it takes me an hour and 2 buses to get here I wouldnt change hairdressers for anything. All the girls are bright and cheerful and I feel really 'at home' whenever i come here. Thank you Beachcombers for being so fantastic! Especially Clare!

Angela Wilkinson

11th February 2013

Just wanted to say WOW, what an amazing colour and cut Steph gave me last time i was in. It has been such a pleasure being a model and watching her change from a shy school leaver to a confident, chatty hairdresser. Congratualtions and well done to Steph and her mentor Clare

Jan Ansell

11th February 2013

Lauren cuts my hair and occasionally does my eye brows. I enjoy coming here as they are very polite and friendly. I love getting my hair washed! I dont know anywhere else that does a better jobthan they do here at 

Beachcombers. Thanks!

Chris Nevin

12th March 2013

Always a pleasant experience coming to the salon. Very friendly staff and Clare is always very accommodating to my quirks and foibles, time constraints and laughing at my jokes!!! This aside from being an excellent hair salon.

Norta Millward

14th March 2013

I have nothing but praise for Beachcombers. As a customer of many years I have found a welcome and hospitality here that never changes. Moreover the staff are friendly, helpful and efficient. It is always a pleasure to keep my appointments with Charlotte and I hope to do so for as long as the foreseeable future. Best of luck

Miriam Jory

14th March 2013

I love Beachcombers. They do uncle Bob's hair so well he no longer looks bald!

Clare Hobbs

16th March 2013

I always enjoy my visits. Friendly staff, pleasant surroundings and I love the head massage when the conditioner is applied. No negatives at all. Keep up all he good work & a big thank you to Clare.

Paul Blake

14th March 2013

I love Beachcombers because thay do my hair preety! (accompanied with lovely pictures!)

Chloe Hobbs

6th March 2013

I love coming to the salon because Lauren makes my day! I love the fact she always has new ideas to make my hair look great

Alison Dennon

25th February 2013

I have been coming to beachcombers for more years than i can remember and I continue to be fascinated by the professional outfit that Charlotte always runs and how immaculate the salon always looks. I love all the themes and cannot fault her enthusiasm for her work. Also Lauren is a fab hairdresser & a lovely girl as well

Jan Hodge

25th February 2013

Lauren as always does my hair great. She is always very happy and friendly and a great hairdresser. Please dont ever let her go!!

Marilyn Wood

28th February 2013

Charlotte done a fantastic job with my waxing, very neat and tidy. I am very pleased and will be back again in a few weeks. Many thanks Charlotte

Julie Oliver

6th March 2013

Thanks for the great friendly service and endless cups of tea. Great!

Sophie Hulme

4th March 2013

I am very pleased that whenever I book an appointment Clare is always quite punctual and I am attended to very quickly on arrival. I also like the fact that when I am having my hair done Clare only seems to concentrate on me and is not gazing out the window. It makes me feel special

Ann Sachse

2nd March 2013

Gel nails were brilliant. Have had others done locally and they only lasted a few days. This time went for the full 2 weeks. Beauty therapist took a great deal of care and even advised on ways to treat the nails if they did start to lift off. Will definitely be having them doner again at Beachcombers

Jenny Hipkin

1st March 2013

Thank you for a lovely haircut Charlotte!

Sarah Allen

19th February 2013

Both Charlotte (the stylist) and Charlotte (the Beautician) are fantastic at what they do. I always feel welcome and come away very happy 

Emily Peel

8th February 2013

First of all I would like to say how welcoming everyone is. When you enter Beachcombers you always get a lovely welcome and the girls always stop to greet you and check you in. What a great idea it has been having special offers on the beauty side. The other thing I would like to say is that the salon is always spotless. Thank you to all of you, I really look forward to my visits. Especially Clare and whoever make the hot chocolate. Yum!

Angela Hill

10th February 2013

I have had Charlotte be responsible for my hair for about 16 years now! The salon is attractive and I love the way Charlotte does my hair. Decaf coffee is served with a chocolate while my hair is busy being seen to, and the whole experience is a pure pleasure. The ever changing displays are inspired and the staff are very friendly. I would never choose anywhere else to go!

Pamela Strachan

16th February 2013

Had a wash and blow dry with Clare before going on holiday the next day. On leaving the salon a lady outside in the street said to me "Have you just had your hair done, it looks lovely!" I was so pleased and told Clare when I next went into the salon. Well done!

Linda Knight

15th February 2013

Have been with Charlotte now for a long time. I feel I can talk about my hair quite freely and she listens. Compared to some other businesses who do not listen at all and you come away feeling that it was just a waste of time and money. It is a very friendly atmosphere & the shop is modern and cheerful. Although Charlotte does my hair it does not bother me to have someone else do it when needed.

Kathy Coker

12th Feb 2013

Steph & all the staff are always very helpful and willing to give great advice. It is a pleasure to come to the salon. It keeps me sane and happy! Thank you.

Marion Jones

17th Oct 2012

Thank you so much for the make up lesson today! We both enjoyed it and found it so useful. Your make-up lady was charming! We will certainly tell people about Beachcombers and hopefully be back sometime soon.

Val & Jane Lowe

24th Aug 2012

Would like to say a huge thank you for a beautiful job done on my Daughters hair for her prom. Kind regards

Liz Guthrie (Mum of Megan Guthrie)

11th Dec 2012

My youngest nephew, at the ripe old age of 21 has just experienced his first salon cut at your premisis. The whole experience was just 'incredible'. Now he can not wait for his hair to grow a bit just so he can make his next appointment.

Pauline Moore

21 Nov 2012

I was persuaded by my Girlfriend to visit you as she said the experience at Beachcombers was first class. I would like to firstly say thank you not only for a great haircut but for a great experience and some fantastic advice. I look forward to booking my next appointment and coming down for my next cut.

Stuart Rose

14th Jan 2013

As usual, I had a very relaxing visit today. Everyone is so friendly & helpful. Happy New Year to you all and thanks for being such a great, Professional salon.

Angela Wilkinson

19th Dec 2012

I always come and see Chantel as she is amazing! I am always happy with the result and she isn't afraid to try something a little different

Alison Graham

31 Nov 2012

Been coming to your salon for about 8 years. I would not come back if I ever had any problems with my hair. Thank you so much. I am always very pleased with my haircut. Hair Miles is a fantastic idea too!

Margaret Hamshere

28th Jan 2013

Fantastic Salon. I always get asked where I get my haircut as you do such a great job.

Amanda Haggar (Via Facebook)

26th Jan 2013

Fantastic salon. Have been going for years as it feels just like home but my hair always looks better here than at home!! Keep up the great work everyone.

Kelly Pugh (Via Facebook)

18th Jan 2013

Fab Salon. Been going since this opened. Fab owner and fab staff.

Louise Taylor (Via Facebook)

20th Jan 2013

A super salon! Always my go to place for getting my hair cut. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Friendliest staff and always a great experience. Thanks ladies.

Hana Laurie (Via Facebook)

20th Nov 2012

Very happy with Beachcombers. Girls are all very attentive and professional. I have no desire to have my hair done anywhere else!

The Roriston Family

29th Nov 2012

Excellent service. Very flexible and a very pleasant experience.

Marion Jones

76b Yorktown Road. Sandhurst. Berks. GU47 9BT. (01252) 879933.